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Real 102.1FM & Underwriting

What is underwriting?

While we don't raise funds through advertising, we do acknowledge contributions made by businesses and churches with Underwriter Announcements. These announcements have a different "feel" and "appeal" to our listeners who value the fact that they do not sound like commercials heard on some other stations.

They are intended to thank and acknowledge important ministry partners for helping Real 102.1 fulfill our vision. Our listeners value our Christ‐centered music and teaching and therefore are grateful to know which area businesses are helping to make it possible.

What can be included in an announcement?

  • Name of your Business or Church
  • Address, Phone Number and Website
  • Years in Business and Hours of Operation
  • The Names of Products Sold (Including Brand Names)
  • Services Provided

Underwriting is completely tax deductible

Since Real 102.1 is a non‐profit organization, we do not 'sell' airtime. Any airtime given to businesses is contracted by grant, a tax‐deductible donation (underwriting). Real 102.1 will send Underwriters a Year End Statement as a receipt of their giving for those who desire to deduct their Underwriting donation from their taxes.

*Please consult with your tax professional for more information about underwriting tax deductions.

Right of refusal or cancellation

Real 102.1 reserves the right to not accept or to discontinue any Underwriting announcements from organizations whose reputation has come under public scrutiny or received negative press that could harm the credibility or reputation of Real 102.1 by association.

We depend on you to help keep this radio ministry on the air! You can securely donate online at or send a donation to: Real 102.1, PO Box 531, Carroll, IA 51401. To find out more about the financial needs of Real 102.1 or business underwriting, call us at 712‐775‐1021 or contact us by e‐mail:

Real 102.1 Underwriting Rates


$40.00 per week. Four 30 second announcements per day.*Minimum four week contract.


$120.00 per month. Four 30 second announcements per day.*Minimum three month contract.


$1000.00 per year. Four 30 second announcements per day.*Minimum one yearly contract.


Another way churches can partner with us is by their clergy recording ministry messages that are 1 to 2 minutes in length. These messages will air at least once per day. There is no cost for this as we would like REAL 102.1 to be another avenue of ministry for your church. Please email for details on how to begin getting your messages on the air! We do ask that these messages be updated at least once per month, but prefferably every 2 weeks.


Businesses also have an opportunity to enlighten our listeners with informational messages. Some examples of these types of messages would be healthcare, lawn care and gardening and many other types of helpful tips. These messages will also be limited to 1 to 2 minutes in length and will air at least once per day. There is no additional cost if a business is signed up for one of the above packages. If not signed up for one of the packages, there will be a fee of $50.00 per month. We ask that these messages be updated at least every 2 weeks.

Real 102.1 Underwriting is for both small and large businesses and churches. Our rates are low because our focus is in partnering with you to profit the Kingdom of God.

*Number of announcements may be more than the guaranteed amount, but will not be less.
**Messages will be approved by the station General Manager and/or Board of Directors before airing.

Contact Information

Real 102.1 FM | KFIM-FM
Physical Location: 528 North Court Street, Suite 3
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 531
Carroll, IA 51401
Local Phone: 712-775-1021
Kevin And Taylor Studio: 844-255-2736(5am-10am)
Doug Griffin Studio: 800-826-3637(10am-2pm)
Caryn Cruise Studio: 800-826-3637(2pm-7pm)
Night Light W/Bonnie Studio: 844-94-NIGHT(7pm-Mid)
Keep The Faith W/Penny Studio: 800-335-1249(Mid-5am)
Network Main Office: 615-367-2210 Ext. 0